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Karatbars business opportunity that wins customers. I have heard for years about silver coins and completely ignored all the hype surrounding them. Collecting silver eagles and all that.
My reason was that the companies were trying to sell me silver coins for $50 a month that I could easily buy on Ebay.

All the extra money was going to the compensation plan.
I also ignored Silver coins because everyone in the world is doing coins. It’s not new and not fresh. Do not join businesses that at the end of its product lifecycle or even near the top Get in early and that applies to any business.

Then a good friend told me about Karatbars business which, at first glance, looks like a twist on Silver coins! But it isn’t!
Firstly Karatbars business packages is about much more than collecting something just in case there is a financial crash! I have reviewed every part of it also it all checks out as a great home business.

The company is solid, products are brilliant and it completely passes the idiot test. Anyone can do this and it starts from free so everyone can get involved at some level.

Karatbars is trendy, no many will have heard about it and that is a Golden time in the product lifecycle.
Most important, – The Karatbars site is FREE to register!
Click HERE and open a free account. You can start earning without paying anything Low-risk high reward!

The most powerful strategy karatbars business packages use almost daily!
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This is what the site says about Karatbars.
Welcome to Karatbars Business Opportunity.
Karatbars International GmbH specializes in the sale of small 999.9 pure gold gift item and night clubs items. We offer unique product lines, including specialty collector’s items that celebrate special moments such as the Birth of a baby, Christmas time, Easter time, Birthdays and Wedding events. By utilizing the highest possible standards in the marketplace for a precious metal generation, Karatbars has gradually extended its product range. Karatbars also offers a line of limited edition or privately branded collector gold cards. Collector cards, especially rare limited edition cards, will often appreciate in the market value of gold.

If you felt you needed way too, Karatbars supply you with currency class gold in just one gram portions that you could maintain, treat or promote. These are in small manageable amounts which can be offloaded whenever you like.

Why is Gold so different from Silver?

Gold is hard earned cash and money is a currency.
Thus, gold is a form of currency, its acceptance in 194 countries, is of this world.
Many people know the importance and hedging of treasury assets in gold in recent decades has been lost. With no yellow gold, there can be no money, due to the fact once they begun to trade in golden, it was actually deposited in banks and data was received as being a sales receipt for the volume of the share.

These were the first unofficial banknotes of the world. The trading of bank notes was thus born, and quickly recognized banks, such that gold deposited banknotes were playing an increasingly important role in society, and soon led the first official notes have been deposited with the gold one.

Today, the world has no more money, whose value is backed by gold. Thus, paper money is only one currency that has no real value.
The gold standard corresponded to the beginning of the 20th Century 1.504632 gram of gold = $ 1. Due to the compounding effect has been the gold standard in the coming years, after the introduction, is constantly changing and in 1971 abolished entirely.rnrnTop reasons to buy gold, are:
1. Gold offers protection against forex and rising prices reform
2. Gold bars are global cash
3. Gold is in crisis times, a stable investment
4. Gold is and will remain unimpaired, as the limited resources and are not reproducible
5. Global demand for gold is higher than supply
6. The buy and transaction of investment gold are exempt from VAT
Thus, gold is the security for you and your family and should exist in every household as capital protection.

So, that is sufficient about Gold. What about the organization Karatbars Better Business Bureau

As with any business, I review on this site I have given Karatbars a thorough going over as it were. I can find nothing that would stop my investing my money with karatbars. The company checks out, no red flags and no scam warnings anywhere. Here is some more information on Karatbars Gold.

The Company profile of Karatbars business opportunity

Karatbars Business International was founded in 2011. The company specializes in the sale of the small gold gift item and night clubs items in gold bullion.

The headquarters and the logistics center of the company are located in Stuttgart. It is responsible for the support, buyer, partner and advertising shipment, connection and rendering of orders. Headquarter also coordinates the launch of new countries throughout Europe.

The Karatbars International offers its customers several storage options:
Storage Prosegur (free) – Frankfurt Neu-Isenburg
Storage Switzerland (charged) – A direct contract with the Swiss company
Storage Singapore (charged) – A direct contract with the Singapore company
Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the home of Karatbars International and shipped via FedEx daily.

Creator and seller
Since the early ’80s, Harald Seiz is self-sufficient in the financial industry. After training in insurance and real estate industry, he worked as an independent financial services provider with a number of companies, where he was very successful. During the mid-90s, he reached with a company about 60 million in sales.

End of 2008, he joined a company in a precious metals business. In just seven months, Harald Seiz was the no. 1 for the company. Having said that, his visions were actually bigger than those of the firm, which has been only lively in Germany. Gold in small units available for everyone and that worldwide – was a fantastic idea to offer people more certainty. So Harald Seiz established this year Karatbars International GmbH.

The company specializes in the sale of small gold and pubs bars, as gifts with 1 gram gold cards, goods, collectibles and treat cards. Currently, Harald Seiz is operating with its innovative products worldwide in over 70 countries. It is his vision to help in all 194 countries of the earth to the people through financial security.

The headquarters and the logistics center of the company are located in Stuttgart, where the responsibility lies for the support, advertising and marketing, customer and lover purchasing, communications, shipping and delivery and design, as well as planning for the start to be developed into new countries in Europe.

The acting and considering at the highest level includes desire, straightforwardness, trustworthiness and fairness.rnKaratbars gold price, Nightclubs and top quality guaranteed.

Karatbars GmbH gold bars are characterized by both easily recognized premium quality and highly skilled craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in working only with gold refineries that are listed under the London Good Delivery. Our current suppliers are listed below:
Atasay Kuyumculuk Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS
The manufacturer and distributor of the brand ATAkulche. The company has been listed as an LBMA since May 7th, 2010 and is characterized by its provider and production stability.
Degussa (German Gold and silver Refinery)
Degussa is committed to the sustainable management of the world’s limited raw materials. Their gold bars are designed exclusively to the retailers specifications, bearing the internationally recognized seal London Good Delivery certifying that they have their own supply chain. This guarantees all customers the highest quality grade of gold.

All Karatbars 1 gram Gold bars are:
1. Certificate and laminated with UV protective film.
2. Stamped with a valid trademark.
3. Each unit includes Assayers signature
4. A unique hologram adorns the reverse side of the bar which is intended both as a security feature and for visual appeal.

Karatbars gold bars guarantee value stability and serve as a means of financial security in tough economic times. They can also be used as a method of payment and means of exchange.

Even during times of powerful financial and money self-reliance, it is usually important to shop for compact items in our Karatbars 1 gram bullion in an effort to protected your very own upcoming capital.

Can you MAKE money with Karatbars Business?
Bet you were wondering when I would get to this bit. None of us join online businesses to do anything other than to make money.
The three top reasons why people joined Karatbars last year were. To make extra money, to make enough money quit their job and to make enough money to retire! No mention there that is to improve your friends nutritional intake.

Why then should I consider Karatbars business is an effective wager for your money!

karatbars business rating
1. Because it’s new! Remember the product life cycle. What’s easier to sell an Iphone, because you are buying Gold and that’s not perceived the value that’s real value and real currency! Indisputable fact.
Because they have many levels so easy for anyone you know to get involved. You can register as an affiliate now for FREE and become a customer.
[monkeytools msnip=”http://monkeyplayr.com/playr.php?u=1172&p=1938″]
Once you have registered for free you can get your own your own online Gold Shop too.
This is my online Gold Shop People browsing the shop can also join the affiliate program and you can make money in two ways.

To join as a Karatbars affiliate, there are different levels.
There is also the load of cool incentives to go from Gold iPhones to luxury cars and a luxury villa anywhere in the world.
Register HERE to get started now.

You are buying gold which is currency!
The company is strong and well organized and most of all its going to be super easy to get referrals and get people to your online shop.
It will be so easy to make money with this business.
Karatbars really is a Golden opportunity, especially now that it is new.
Get your FREE online shop. You can then decide which level is for you.

karatbars business opportunity

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