Some straightforward types of travel business you could start simultaneously.

Are you looking to start a travel business? I’ve built, scaled up and sold two successful travel businesses, a ski trip operator, also called a tour operator or trip operator and a lodging property. Here are the 6 types of travel companies you can start today.

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Travel Agency Travel Agent – These are the easiest types of travel businesses to start but don’t make a lot of money. It’s very difficult to gain a competitive advantage over other agents and agencies because everyone is selling the same travel product or package.

Tour Operator Trip Operator – This is the best type of travel business to establish as you have the ability to create your own brand, your own unique one-of-a-kind travel package. You can sell the travel product as a tour where you go on the trip with the travelers or you can sell as a trip where you don’t travel with the travelers. Selling trips are the best way because you’re not required to travel.

Travel Guide. This is an easy travel business to start because you are in effect the business. This type of travel business is very time-consuming.

Travel Broker. This really is easy to create and generally, you simply act as an agent in between excursion vacationers and operators by creating on-line marketplaces whereby excursion operators and vacationers can meet to acquire vacation.

Authentic information, internet affiliate Travel website. This is very easy to set up but is to get harder and harder to generate income at since there is numerous journey affiliate websites and since search engines like google only want exclusive. If all you are doing is reselling Expedia’s trips, it will be very difficult to separate yourself from the thousands of other travel websites.

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Travel Blogger or Travel Writer. This is an easy travel business to start, but you have to be a great writer and know about a particular destination, city or town. It’s becoming a lot easier for travel bloggers and travel writers to make money because of the importance that the search engines are placing on the value of blogs. If you can create a unique travel blog with the content you might be able to do well.