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To be a better entrepreneur is not something you suddenly choose to do or pursue. It is something you are called to do, a pathway you are called to follow.

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To be a better entrepreneur or when entrepreneurship no longer relates only to establishing a new company, entrepreneurship is an applicable skill for just about any company’s development.

To be a better entrepreneur, it is a valuable asset for business owners, as well as for managers at established companies operating on an entrepreneurial model.

To be a better entrepreneur and entrepreneurship can have many definitions and entrepreneurship is much more than making money.

It is a calling. And like every other calling, it’s people-centered. It’s never about you, it’s all about others. It’s a calling to serve, it’s not about what you can accumulate, it’s about what you can contribute.

The entrepreneurship literature recognizes three main factors of capital as essential elements of the entrepreneurial process. Human, financial, and social.

In an entrepreneurial context, human capital consists of the skills, experience, and education an entrepreneur brings to the venture. Financial capital includes the debt or equity funds an entrepreneur has available for venture startup and surgical procedures.

Social capital encompasses family societal, business and participants relationships and systems, etc. that may be helpful resources in new business creation. entrepreneurial. To success as a better entrepreneur is described, derived and powered from the world unrelated to excessive greed, flashy trappings and in need of external acknowledgment.

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The better entrepreneur knows that whilst money is often the accompaniment of a successful life, it is not the measure of it.
A better entrepreneur opportunity is, a need, want, problem, or challenge that can be addressed, solved or satisfied in an innovative way.

The entrepreneurial spirit puts their personally defined pursuit of success center stage, with spin-offs like money being simply the accompaniments and servants of the main game.

This entrepreneurial view is far too focused on living a successful life to think too much about the money anyway.

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People of this ilk can live without possessions, but they can’t live without success. Success for them is something far greater than just money, valuables and position and includes intangible assets like lifestyle, future and legacy meaning.

A family group of billion dollars firms, even though a much better business owner creates not only one billion-buck organization. He is able to teach others how to build companies of similar magnitude.