Bronze Karatbars Package is Approximate $130 once fee.
Affiliate Commissions.
You get 5% commission on every package offered to a person that you simply directly backed ($6.50 for any affiliate of Bronze Karatbars package, $15 for any Silver affiliate, $37.50 for any Gold Affiliate and $100 for any VIP Affiliate).

Dual Team Commissions
You get approximately $13 Anytime you have 50 models somewhere and 25 models on the other hand of the Dual Team System.

Listed here are the models added to the Dual Team no matter where they fall inside your dual team structure or who directly known them: Bronze package adds 5 models, Silver Package adds 20 models, Gold Package adds 50 models and VIP Package adds 100 models.

You will see with these packages constantly being put into your dual team structure out of your efforts and people from the entire team above you, Along with the 1unit per gram of gold that each affiliate has dedicated to moving weekly, earnings in the dual team can/is going to be significant.

Your 12 Week Plan suggested earnings should you bought a Bronze Karatbars Package:
Week 1 $12 (From your two Direct Commissions)
Week 2 -0
Week 3 -0
Week 4 $26
Week 5 $39
Week 6 $65 (FREE GOLD every week from here)
Week 7 $143
Week 8 $286
Week 9 $546
Week 10 $1,131
Week 11 $2,223
Week 12 $4,485

Bronze Karatbars Package
Want More Out Of Your Life? Begin with Bronze Karatbars Package

(The above is estimated for you taking a Bronze Karatbars Package and everyone else in your entire downline also taking a Bronze package, recruiting 2 direct referrals themselves and every single person moving $65 a week into 1 gram of gold.)

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