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Brexit is the common name for the United Kingdom (UK) leaving the European Union (EU). The word Brexit is really a portmanteau from the words Britain and exit. He wrote that remains were feeling they must be pessimists to prove that Brexit is unmanageable without catastrophe, while leaders optimistically claim economic risks are exaggerated.

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Gordon Brown, “The key lesson of Brexit is that globalization must work for all of Britain” in The Guardian, 29 June 2016. Brexit is not the will of the people in the UK. I still think constitutionally Brexit is unethical.

The Brexit is not the will of the British people. The social basis of the Brexit is evaporating faster than anyone expected. Additionally, issues of voters competence to appreciate the implications, uncertainty as to what the result actually means (Brexit means Brexit is not in any way a meaningful answer) and the fact that we live in a representative democracy, not a direct democracy, all point to the fact that a referendum was the wrong way to decide this issue.

Brexit is damaging UK science and the financial already.
These aren’t existence threatening to London however the transfer of fortunes does require a measured policy response and Brexit is paramount. Brexit is a little like Saudi Arabia swearing off the oil business, declaring it would rather work for an honest living even if that makes its people poorer. Brexit is thus turning out to be a useful test case for deglobalization. For this reason, gold is so important and now Karatbars Cashgold is above that.

Brexit is becoming a big fat mess.
The constitutional argument against Brexit is clever and effective. Brexit is now the only game in town for the civil service. Six days ago I’d have predicted a gentle Brexit, but following the Conservative Party conference, a tough Brexit is a lot more likely. That is why Golden is really valuable and now Karatbars Cashgold is beyond that and cashgold Karatbars is actually a secure spot.
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