Own Gold and Earn Residual Income in Gold

Are you excited about the idea of being able to afford gold or even better earn residual income with gold? Do you want to create a hedge against inflation and possible turmoil in the currency marketplace? Would you like to achieve Financial Freedom? Guess what? You are not alone. Very first step, are you currently shielding your savings account? Here at Karatbars International, we see every day that when you provide an affordable way to build wealth in gold, people respond. Are you ready to start connecting with these people and help them build their own wealth in gold? In that case, then you are on your journey to generate so what can turn into a quite rewarding cash flow stream for yourself. You too can earn a residual income with gold.

residual income
earn residual income.

Earn Residual Income in Gold Stream

Have you ever heard of how to Earn Residual Income? Wikipedia defines it: Income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Â Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? That’s the idea behind Karatbars Affiliate Program, – Earn Residual Income.

The program is built around a very simple concept: Save your money in gold, and get paid to share with others how to do the same. This simple concept is key to earning a residual income with gold.

To enroll is absolutely free

There are no monthly website fees, set-up fees, or renewal fees. Accounts are “FREE”, Everything is Optional. Your decision to purchase gold is entirely up to you. Buy a ton or buy none. Not Your Average Marketing Program. Not by a Long Shot! Let’s be clear now: This is not MLM (multi level marketing). With MLM programs, you’re required to purchase the product(s) each month to qualify for commissions. Not at Karatbars. Even if you never exchange a single dollar of paper money for Karatbars gold, you can still earn money by sponsoring other people who do choose to build wealth with our gold. Having said that, the way to really build Financial Freedom is by becoming a Karatbars Affiliate and building up what we call a team  of people who also are interested.

Exchanging paper currency for gold

Sharing with others how to do the same. Our business is based on our deeply held belief that people need to respond and take action intelligently to protect their financial well-being. You can’t depend on others to protect your wealth for you. Euros or pesos into gold, we have been assisting them to guard their wealth, by introducing other folks to the thought of switching their dollars or drachmas. And we are helping ourselves as well: We are, in effect, paying ourselves for helping others. We like to think of this as a kind of virtuous circle.

Earn a Residual Income with Gold 7 Different Ways

* Direct Commission
* Unilevel Bonus
* Generation Bonus
* Package Bonus
* Dual Team Bonus
* PoolrnGold Fund
* Gold Fund

When you choose to become a Karatbars Affiliate there is a total of 7 different ways to earn income from the Karatbars compensation plan. The primary incomes are earned through the Dual System Pay Plan. For more details watch our video about the compensation plan.

The 12 Week Plan to Financial Freedom

The 12 Week Plan was developed by a group of Independent Karatbars affiliate leaders. Karatbars International provides the software, systems, and facilities that support the strategy. Join the growing number of people, that use this E-COMMERCE SYSTEM to create and preserve wealth. Note: 12 Week Plan is optional.

The Fastest Way to Build Your Karatbars Business

Discover the Very best, simplest, most trusted and quickest way to build your Karatbars business. Get started today. Excellent marketing tools and providers are in place to help you grow your business. A sales funnel is provided that includes your own personal website. Videos, webinars, traffic options, training and much more are also available. In addition, when you sign up with our team you will receive many additional marketing tools and marketing supports.

earn residual income ideas
residual income opportunities.

Create your free gold savings account Karatbars International is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme, – this is a Proven Business Opportunity!
Whether you are a casual buyer of gold or seeking additional income and earn residual income, Karatbars is a unique business model for serious people interested in creating and preserving wealth by accumulating currency grade gold. As with any business to be successful, you must take action.