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One gram Karatbars gold bars. All our gold is certificated and laminated with a UV protective film, stamped with a valid trademark, includes Assayers signature of authenticity, has a unique hologram on the reverse side of the bar which is intended both as a security feature and for visual appeal.

Country cards Karatbars International is selling gold in over 60 countries around the world. For this reason, we will produce different country cards. You can collect them or give as a present.

Free Karatbars package
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Collector cards -Gold is really a searched for-after collector’s item for centuries. But finding gold by means of collector cards is extremely rare. We are revolutionizing the market over the next several months and are producing limited edition collector cards that make wonderful gifts!

Shipping Karatbars Packages.
Deliveries in smaller sized quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the house of Karatbars Worldwide and shipped via FedEx daily. FedEx shipping meets the high requirements and offers a full range of convenient shipping solutions. This supports us to automate our delivery processes so we don’t only save energy but additionally to simplify the shipping process, in general, to accelerate and make it more transparent. FedEx has a delivery service from over 220 countries and regions in the world!
Regardless of whether import or export, express delivery, or less urgent transportation, small package or heavy freight. FedEx offers the comprehensive service that meets our high expectations.

Storage Karatbars Packages.
After payment, you can either promptly receive your gold or Karatbars will store it for you! Once the purchase transaction is complete you view the Karatbars invoice in your back office. This generates a transaction number, which ensures the acquisition contract which your gold could be instantly stored at Karatbars Worldwide GmbH.

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