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Mongolia tours allow outsiders to see a nation that has changed little since the days of Genghis Kahn. Its violent history is the natural result of its juxtaposition with powerhouse China to the south and Russia to the North.

Most nations have experienced a usually steady but occasionally dramatic change as time progresses, with some electing to preserve certain sections for historical value. But in others, the combination of Poverty and intensely isolationist political will combines to leave an entire country largely unchanged for decades.

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What Are Mongolia Tours?

Most of the pitched battle for superiority was between itself and China, with an alternating victory over the centuries. The most well known of the Kahn leaders of the Mongol clans is Ghengis Kahn. But it was his heir Kublei Kahn that ruled over Mongolia and Chinese suppliers in the Yuan dynasty.

A completely landlocked nation, it is far from any moderating sea and so experiences a brutal continental climate, where the temperature variation can be over 90 degrees in one day.

The humidity is almost always very low, in the single digits, except on the rare occasion when it rains. It enjoys the sunshine with over 76 percent of cloudless days each year, yet the lengthy cold and high altitude leave the little arable land so vegetable is rare. There are cities throughout the country with the capital, Ulaan Baatar, being by far the largest and most significant.

It was given its current name, which means Red Hero, following the communist triumph in 1924. This began the Soviet influence, square buildings and heat infrastructure transmitting steam for heat quite inefficiently in exposed over-ground pipes.

Greater than a 3rd on this inhabitants does not process any faith whatsoever, even though national religion is mostly Tibetan Buddhism. Ancient Mongolia practiced complete religious tolerance. Throughout the Russian career, all faith was harshly repressed, with thousands of people killed in purges, but with their departure, Buddhism came back in force.

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There are a number of festivals celebrated through the year, none bigger than the Nadaam (Games) festival of summer. The key events are horse wrestling, racing and archery each with accompanying pageantry full of exhilaration and shade. Mounted archery is still demonstrated at the festival, and watching the wrestling one can see it as the ancient beginning to Japanese Sumo. The Mongolian diet is dominated by whole milk and meats, as the nomadic lifestyle and extreme continental climate make growing vegetables extremely problematic.

It is a mystery to most foreign visitors how they can survive almost literally without vegetables throughout their lives. The mystery deepens with the knowledge this third world nation has a life expectancy near 70 years, and that is with a high infant mortality rate. Soon after arriving at the airport in Ulaan Baatar, one realizes this is a place unlike any they have ever experienced.

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The people are several and warm and friendly speak their native language as well as Chinese and Russian and one has little to fear walking the streets in this city. The real value to Mongolian tours, however, is what one sees and experiences beyond the capital, where the land looks like most believe the wild west once did.