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Network marketing MLM is the Business of Relationships.
Old school MLM philosophy was selling the product, then recruit. This belief caused the death of many a network marketer. The use of warm markets and cold calling were also failed teachings. These old school techniques might capture 1″-“3% of your leads as either customers or associates losing 97”-“99% of potential income, never to be recaptured, reducing residual income for the future.

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The only way to build a strong relationship business is to have a strong network marketing MLM formula. A strong network marketing MLM Formula is one that uses the technology to generate fresh leads (just a few hours old), targets a proven and genuinely interested market, it allows you to prove yourself as a leader and will give you immediately an income source, build future incomes also know as residual income as well. It also recaptures that 97-99% of previously lost income potential for an immediate income source, which allows you to reinvest in your business. Residual income is required to build a successful network marketing MLM business.

A strong network marketing MLM Formula allows you to spend more time on income generated activities, there are only two activities, they are selling product and signing up associates. The goal is not to you or any other individual to sell a lot of products, it”s for a lot of people to be their own best customer, sell and service a reasonable number of customers, and recruit and show a lot of other people how to do the same thing.

A good MLM Formula automates your efforts and is totally duplicable for your downline, which increases your income and that of your downline. A strong network marketing MLM Formula uses all the technology available to enhance your potential and you’re downline potential. It uses an autoresponder to maintain contact with leads, blogs to promote you, articles to promote your opportunity, and capture pages to generate fresh leads for your business.

A strong network marketing MLM Formula promotes your management and interactions with your only real value in your business, your Ink, your leads. Remember the only tangible you own is your lead list and the relationship you have with them. It is the relationship that creates real income now, real value now, and residual income for your future. With a lot more possible than ever before, a strong MLM Solution will relocate you against the 20th century to the 21st century.

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In network marketing MLM, the whole point is not to sell a product but to build a network, an army of people who are representing that same product or service to share with others.