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Network Marketing Business For Beginners and Everyone Else. And also in mlm, that’s pretty much a given, if you’re all around individuals for any length of time. You’re going to run into those people who always see the worst in everything. They’ll find something wrong, in any circumstance, in which they may find themselves.

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These “Glass Half Empty” people mystify me. I simply don’t understand them. The world is always out to get them. Nothing ever goes right for them. They’re not happy unless they have something to complain about.

What an unhappy way to live! I’m not the kind of person to ostracize other people because I don’t like them now. I’m a bit on the codependent side so in the past I would’ve tried to fix them. I suppose that tendency comes from all the years working in the industry. The truth is, though, they’re usually not fixable, not by anyone.

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In Network Marketing, these people will be a detriment to your team and death to your business. They will destroy your morale and the morale of your team in a very short time. All by the poison that comes out of their mouth. It’s their objective to bring other people down so they can have company to share in their misery.

Should this be allowed to go on, negativity will distribute just like a malignancy throughout your entire team. Really, it’s best to avoid these negative people altogether. You should never try to recruit one of them. You don’t want them on your team. They won’t be teachable.

In fact, they will find fault in whatever you do try to teach them. And they won’t hesitate to voice their disagreement in your team conference calls. No matter who may be present. You don’t need them spewing their venom all over you. Or to new distributors or on prospects you may have invited to listen in on the call.

It’s a name for these negative people. It’s fairly descriptive of the kind of damage they can do to your business. I call them “Dream Killers” and/or “Energy Thieves”. They will suck the life out of you. Experienced Network Marketers understand the value of surrounding themselves with positive people who will encourage and edify their and them team. They know to avoid the negative crowd. You must surround yourself with positive, profitable individuals and prevent the “Fantasy Killers” when your Network Marketing Company will achieve success. It’s as simple as that.

Enjoy encountering one of them when doing a training call with a new recruit. I want my trainer to see how I handle the situation. I want them to see that I don’t let that “Energy Thief” get the best of me. I don’t let them control the conversation. I then end the call with a comment like “you’re right, Network Marketing isn’t for you,” or “no, you’re not a fit for my business and my team.”

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I thank them for their time and hang up. It only takes one call like that to get to the point. To my trainee, I tell that, – under no circumstances, they don’t want someone like that on their team! It’s a great training lesson. I suggest making good use of it when it presents itself. Better they experience it first, with you, in a controlled environment. Then on their own where it can discourage them.

My point is this, negativity breeds negativity. It’s counter productive and will destroy anyone who spends much time under it’s influence. No matter how experienced they are. It certainly has no place in Network Marketing.

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If you want your team and company to flourish. It’s best to avoid negative people. If you can and don’t ask them to as an element of your crew, Weed them out from the beginning. You’ll be much better off, for it. Better to surround yourself with “Dream Builders” instead. People who will build you up and want to be built up, themselves. Fill your downline with positive, goal oriented people. You will grow a successful and successful Network Marketing Business.

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