Karatbars new Cash Gold .1 Gram Gold Bullion Bar Currency Note

Is the new cash gold the end of flat backed currencies?
This is Karatbars new Cash Gold Zero Point One Gram Gold Bullion Bar Note and it’s very impressive. It classic Karatbars style they have pulled the rug from out of fiat currencies. Released a cash note not only backed by Gold but containing the real thing – Gold!

New Cash GoldFlexible, hard wearing and with a 999.9% pure 24karat Gold Bar inset into a plastic style note. It can be carried around extremely easily as it fit into a wallet or purse perfectly. It can be used in the growing number of K-Exchange centers around the world.

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This could just be the start of something big!
There has never been a better time to buy gold or to show people how to buy it with Karatbars! If you would like to make money referring others to buy Karatbars Gold bullion products. Karatbars new Cash Gold Banknotes Launched.

A World First! The new CASH GOLD!
With CASHGOLD, you possess a worldwide novelty. Your unites are trustworthy worth of gold using the advantages of a modern payment method. So give people a chance to secure their property and existence in uncertain times. That have inspired to create CASHGOLD. Like all of us, I desire a stable and reliable world in which a secured existence is possible for us and future generations.

Your decision to purchase new CASH GOLD is a step toward security and independence.
It’s ready! Start now and order your new CASH GOLD today! Visit: HERE With CASHGOLD, Karatbars Worldwide establishes a completely independent, alternative approach to payment and exchange which may be combined with the world’s currencies.

It only looks like a banknote to ensure everyday practicality as a method of payment. The physical dimensions of CASHGOLD follow the format of modern payment so that the CASHGOLD and it’s inextricably fixed gold ingots fit well into the usual wallet. Look and feel is similar to that of any currency note.

Finest modern design.
The design of the coated sheet looks familiar and yet different from the traditional artwork of most common banknotes. The specialists used advanced frequency modulation screening technology to make sure precise line contours and demanding color transitions in remarkable quality as well as in the greatest possible resolution.

CASHGOLD’S value can be verified at any time, anywhere in the world. Accepted accordingly, CASHGOLD is used just like cash. On the top of this, CASHGOLD provides the chance to successively develop a personal gold reserve.

cashgoldNew Cash Gold The Cashless Society Solution?

Cash GoldIt seems ironic that with governments trying to move us all to a cashless society. Karatbars International has produced a hybrid of Gold and Currency with the new Cash Gold concept.
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Karatbars new cash gold