Passive Income Cash Gold Karatbars .1. Passive Income Gold Bullion Bar Currency Note. Is This The End For Fiat Backed Currencies?

Gold is Money
Gold is Money

This is Karatbars new Passive Income Cash Gold Zero Point One Passive Income Gold Bullion Bar Note and it is very impressive. It classic Karatbars style they have pulled the rug from out of “fiat” currencies and released a cash note not only backed by Precious metal but that contains the genuine article – Precious metal!

Versatile, difficult putting on along with a 999.9Percent 100 % pure 24karat Gold Bar inset into a plastic style note it can be carried around extremely easily because it squeezes into a budget or handbag flawlessly and may be used within the expanding quantity of K-Trade centers around the world.

If you would like to buy a Karatbars Passive Income Cash Gold 01.g bullion bar take note, create an account and visit for a free account.

This could just be the start of something big!
There has never been a better time to buy gold or to show people how to buy it with Karatbars! Feel free to get in touch on any of the media below if you have any questions.

Karatbars – Passive Income Cash Gold The Cashless Society Solution?
It seems ironic by using government authorities attempting to shift us all to some cashless culture, Karatbars Worldwide has produced a hybrid of Gold (real money) and Currency (funny money) with the Passive Income Cash Gold concept.

This plastic note contains a .1 Passive Income Gold bullion bar similar to their 1g, 2.5g and 5g cards and is 999.9% pure 24k Gold, with the same security features as their other Gold bar offerings.

I for one will be buying this in addition to my Karatbars 1g and 5 Passive Income bars as they fit the gap between cheaper silver and expensive Gold coins and should be cheaper to buy as well!

Cashgold Business Karatbars
Cashgold Business Karatbars

Want to buy these Gold bullion bar notes? You can pick up your Passive Income Cash Gold from Karatbars here.

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