The 10 Best Tips for Profitable Websites

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10 Tips For Running profitable websites

Address your targeted audience on your business site. Example: “Welcome Internet Marketers”. Address them all in case you have multiple.

Make sure your articles and visuals are relevant to your web site’s theme. You wouldn’t want to use a bird graphic on a business website.

Alert visitors by email when you add new content to your website. This will remind people to revisit your website.

Offer a way for visitors to contact you on each web page. List your email address, fax number, and phone number.

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Give people the option of viewing your website offline. Offer it by autoresponder or printer friendly version.

Make sure a least 50% of your content is original. The other option is to offer something else original other than content, like software or an online utility.

Offer your visitors incentives for revisiting your website. You could give them new ebooks, ezine, articles, and software etc.

Publish a FAQs for your product or service, company and internet site. They could have questions about multiple parts of your business.

Make sure all links on the navigational bar are clickable. If men and women can’t reach where they wish to go, they may leave.

Organize your website in reasonable and profitable sequence. You don’t want to give a freebie before they learn about the product(s) you’re selling.

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